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Our strategy has three main aspects:

1)  Seek out gas and oil investment projects where the risk of failure can be substantially reduced by careful analysis of engineering and geologic data that confirms the presence of potentially commercial hydrocarbons.  This includes producing wells that have not realized their full potential due to well bore damage of producing zones caused by poorly-chosen drilling and completion fluids.  It also includes wells that have previously been drilled but not completed in prospective zones.  These so-called “bypassed pay zones” are sometimes the result of inattention to detail or lack of skill to properly evaluate the data.  We are constantly surprised how much the oil and gas industry, including big companies, leaves behind it its search for oil and gas.  Bypassed pay zones may also be the result of prevailing economic or infrastructure issues at the time the well was originally drilled; a prospective gas zone may have been ignored, for example, due to the lack of gas pipeline infrastructure at the time of drilling.

2)  Concentrate on finding underpriced assets that we can acquire.  The measure of a good management team is not its ability to find and acquire good assets, but to do so at a cost that creates a low basis against which to measure future returns.  By focusing on areas and assets that are out of current favor, where past results demonstrates excellent future potential, and where sellers are discouraged by external factors like weak gas prices, the Management of Wind River will realize its goal of “buying low” so it can “sell high” at some future point.

3)  Leverage our ability to execute on the operations needed to realize optimal production and economics.  If a previous operator has ignored potential zones, or damaged them to the point of impacting previous economic potential, it is our task to do the job right.  This involves both careful analysis of the data, a knowledge of techniques and materials, and the organizational ability to mobilize the resources needed to get an optimal result.